Katsushika Young Art Competition 2022

Outline of the event

For the purpose of discovering and nurturing young artists, we will hold art competitions, raise interest in art among the younger generation, and encourage residents to participate in cultural and artistic activities.This year will be the fourth time the event has been held.
Judges are asked to have a wide range of sensibilities cultivated through working with many young artists.In addition, we have introduced a unique judging method that adds votes from visitors to the exhibition of selected works.


・Entry reception: July 2022, 7 to September 1, 2022
・ Selected works exhibition: September 2022, 9 to September 15, 2022 * Visitor voting period
・ Exhibition of award-winning works: September 2022, 9-September 22, 2022
Katsushika Symphony Hills Main Building "Gallery 1"
・Living, working, or attending school in the ward ①Plane・High school students and below/②Plane・General category/③Sculpture work category
・Persons born between April 61, 1986 and April 4, 2 *Regardless of nationality, professional or amateur
Application rules
・For both ① and ②, one painting per person *F/P/M/S size 1 to 1 *The size is a rough guideline
・(30) The completed work can be held by one person, weighing 2 kg or less, and height XNUMXM or less (planning needs to be discussed)
Yoji Matsumura Artist and Spatial Designer
Ken Sobajima Artist/Mural artist
Katsushika Ward Cultural Facility Designated Manager
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